The University of Miami’s story—past, present, and future—is a collective narrative told by the thousands of individuals who have developed the education, research, service, and spirit of community that are our hallmark. Our faculty, staff, students, alumni and supporters have played a pivotal role in the growth and prosperity of this city, this region, and beyond.

President Julio Frenk
University of Miami

No country, no company, no university by itself can meet all the challenges that it is expected to without taking into account what happens in the rest of the world. We need to educate young people who truly are global citizens.

Cuba and the Caribbean Special Report

View the special report from UM News that showcases the research and study of the Caribbean Basin by UM faculty and students.

Iris Florez, assistant director at the University of Miami's Office of Undergraduate Admission guides DACA students.

Bring DREAMers Fully into American Life

Presidents at three higher education institutions in Miami "lend our unified voices” to the call for bringing DREAMers fully into American life.

Former University of Miami President and U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala with UM President Julio Frenk.

A ‘Glocal’ Response

Global and local efforts needed to respond to biological threats, UM President Julio Frenk warned at a biodefense forum.

A Global Pain Crisis

A major Lancet Commission report, a three-year project headed by UM’s Professor Felicia Knaul and co-authored by President Julio Frenk, finds almost 26 million people die suffering, most without a 3-cent morphine tablet that could alleviate their pain.