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July 27, 2016

Dear University of Miami Community,

One of the most important roles of a university is to use scholarship to address the pressing concerns facing the wider world. The Problem-based Interdisciplinary Collaboration initiative, part of the draft Roadmap for UM's future, is a set of proposals to encourage even more collaborative work at UM to solve critical global problems.

The draft paper outlines new structural supports, leadership, systems, and financial support to maximize opportunities for all members of the University of Miami to work in collaborative teams on major global challenges in areas such as the environment, health, and technology.

We want to hear from you.

  • The proposals suggest several thematic areas for this effort. Are there other areas that could leverage UM's strengths?
  • What are the best ways for the University of Miami to support interdisciplinary collaboration across disciplines? What should the University avoid doing that might hamper collaboration?

Add your voice here and get involved in shaping our future. You also can offer comments on social media using the hashtag #UMRoadmap or send us your ideas via email. Join us for a web chat on August 24 to discuss all eight Roadmap initiatives.

Office of the President


About the Draft Roadmap Initiatives

Following President Frenk’s inauguration, small working groups were launched to inform the Roadmap to Our New Century and explore ways the University of Miami could foster transformation, connection, and reinvention as an institution. The eight draft Roadmap initiatives are now open to the University community for discussion, debate, and refinement. In the fall of 2016 a series of meetings will be held across the University to share the feedback we have received and discuss the path toward implementation. We welcome comments on any of the Roadmap Initiatives at any time through the website, by using #UMRoadmap on social media, or via email.