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August 3, 2016

Dear University of Miami Community,

This summer we are encouraging broad discussion of the eight draft Roadmap Initiatives to build our future at UM. Today we continue the series by focusing on Access with Excellence, an initiative to ensure that students of all backgrounds have equal access to the many academic opportunities that the University of Miami has to offer.

This draft proposal includes enhancing student recruitment strategies, addressing student financial need, expanding access to unique academic opportunities for all students, and creating debt-reduction programs and support for financial literacy.

We want to hear from you.

  • Would these proposals adequately enhance access to the University of Miami?
  • Are there academic experiences beyond those identified that should be examined to ensure access for all students?

We invite you to join the discussion about this proposal here. You also can provide feedback through the hashtag #UMRoadmap, or via email. In three weeks we will host an interactive web chat on Wednesday, August 24 to answer questions live and submitted in advance.

Building our future will require many voices, and we look forward to hearing yours.

Office of the President


About the Draft Roadmap Initiatives

Following President Frenk’s inauguration, small working groups were launched to inform the Roadmap to Our New Century and explore ways the University of Miami could foster transformation, connection, and reinvention as an institution. The eight draft Roadmap Initiatives are now open to the University community for discussion, debate, and refinement. In the fall of 2016 a series of meetings will be held across the University to share the feedback we have received and discuss the path toward implementation. We welcome comments on any of the Roadmap Initiatives at any time through the website, by using #UMRoadmap on social media, or via email.