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July 13, 2016


Dear University of Miami Community,

To remain a vibrant institution, the University of Miami must continue to pursue innovation in teaching and learning. The University-wide Platform for Educational Innovation initiative, one of the draft Roadmap initiatives, proposes new ideas to enhance teaching and learning by creating more participatory learning experiences for students and faculty, implementing system changes, increasing access to academic technology, and encouraging new pedagogical approaches in the classroom.

We want your input to ensure teaching and learning at UM remains at the cutting edge.

  • Do you have additional ideas to help prepare students for dynamic roles in the next century? 
  • Are there particular advances in tools and platforms for teaching and learning that you think hold promise?  
  • Are there particular skills or learning outcomes for students UM should emphasize?

See what people are saying about this proposal and add your voice on the Roadmap initiative website, through the hashtag #UMRoadmap, or via email. We look forward to your continued input on all the Roadmap Initiatives, and we will host an interactive web chat on August 24 to discuss them.

Thank you for your work every day to build a University that can change the world.

Office of the President


About the Draft Roadmap Initiatives

Following President Frenk’s inauguration, small working groups were launched to inform the Roadmap to Our New Century and explore ways the University of Miami could foster transformation, connection, and reinvention as an institution. The eight draft Roadmap initiatives are now open to the University community for discussion, debate, and refinement. In the fall of 2016 a series of meetings will be held across the University to share the feedback we have received and discuss the path toward implementation. We welcome comments on any of the Roadmap Initiatives at any time through the website, by using #UMRoadmap on social media, or via email.