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July 6, 2016

Dear University of Miami Community,

We appreciate the many comments we have received on the draft Roadmap Initiatives to chart a bold vision for the University’s future. We want the entire UM community to engage in this critical conversation as we look ahead to our new century. This week we focus on a plan to advance UM as a world leader in the sciences and engineering: the Basic and Applied Science and Engineering Initiative.

The Basic and Applied Science and Engineering Initiative proposes investments in science and engineering through problem-based academic clusters. It provides options for institutional structures for teaching and research, and proposes that the University build a complex to foster educational and research connections in the sciences and engineering. Read the details and comment here.

  • Are there other structural options for fostering collaboration among the sciences and engineering at UM?
  • Are there other important content areas that should be included in the problem-based clusters?

You can also submit feedback, questions, and ideas on the Roadmap Initiative website, through the hashtag #UMRoadmap, or via email.

Please share your thoughts and encourage others to help us build our future together. On August 24 we will host discussions on a web chat, and we welcome your participation.

Thank you for helping to build the future of the University of Miami.

Office of the President