Quad FAQs
Quad members were selected to assist developing ideas for each initiative.

How do we capture the proposed ideas?

Quad members have been selected for their capacity to create innovative and exciting ideas. Quads should think outside the box in coming up with ideas for each initiative. As the ideas become more firm and take the form of actionable project(s), an implementation plan will be important. Therefore outputs for these projects should include:

  • Purpose & Goals of the project(s) – The goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART).
  • Stretch goals – Identify within the SMART goals the areas that represent stretch goals demonstrating vision and high aspiration.
  • Organizational interdependencies – specifically identify areas where interdisciplinary or interdepartmental collaboration will be required for success.
  • Any associated risks and how they can be resolved
  • Estimate budget such as staffing, space and other resources.
  • Timeline – How long would the project take and what are the activities?
  • Monitoring & Evaluation – How does the project get monitored? What is success for the project?

One or more projects can be identified for an initiative.

Can we work with anyone else?

It is recognized that this is a huge undertaking so additional resources may be consulted:

  • Dyad – Dyads are two-member advisory resources comprised of individuals with institutional and subject matter expertise relevant to each Quad’s initiative.
  • Special Projects Team – One person from this team will be in attendance at Quad meetings to provide support.
  • Budget & Planning – Quads may work with the Provost’s Budget and Planning office in estimating or formulating a budget.

How do we track progress?

  • Coordination Committee – Will be comprised of a representative from each of the eight Quads, the Provost, and a Special Projects team member. This will ensure that Quads update each other on projects being formulated so Quads have the opportunity to collaborate on similar projects if beneficial.
  • Steering Committee – Will be comprised of the President, the Provost, and other members as appropriate. This committee will review progress and provide guidance to the coordination committee and Quads.
  • Senior leaders – Is comprised of university leadership who are key stakeholders involved in shaping and delivering the roadmap. They will have the chance to review quad progress at senior leadership retreat(s).
  • Approval process – These processes will be identified depending on the nature of the project(s). Existing projects may already be approved but new projects may need to go before the relevant approvers.

Please share your ideas!